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Assessment Center (AC) and Development Center (DC)

It is common knowledge that assessment and development centers are the most effective techniques for the behaviour-based testing of specific (defined) competences, and providing preliminary information on eligibility for a (new) position, decreasing possible risks.

DevelopMEN assists its Clients with the planning and implementation of ACs and DCs custom-made for the specific company and positions (also available in English, German or French). We help our Clients identify the competences most typical for a position, create the roleplay scenarios for those competences, hold training to prepare observers, provide high-quality location and service for the facilitator, observers and participants if required, offer assistance in the preliminary assessment of observation, or write a structured report summarizing observations or areas to be developed in Hungarian or English.

If needed, we can add competence tests or competence interviews to the DC service, or provide a detailed version of the results after the DC prior to employment or appointment in order to minimize risks related to the satisfaction of job requirements.

If required, we plan and manage competence development according to the content of observations and reports. By assessing these we enable our Clients to measure and realize the value and result of developments.

Our expert psychologist possesses a wide range of references in AC and DC, with knowledge of several foreign languages, and is happy to assist our clients with personal consultations, answering all questions related to the project or the follow-up phase.

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