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We offer personalized coaching sessions that helps our clients in their personal and professional development, improves their performance at the workplace. Coaching allows you to improve your competences, analyse the consequences of your decisions and plan your steps ahead and acquire different result-focused communication techniques. The aim of corporate coaching is to improve problem solving skills, promote the recognition of opportunity and enhance decision making competences. While laying great stress upon professional and corporate factors we emphasize the individual goals and points of view.

Our approach in coaching

  • a relationship based on cooperation: with the help of the coach the aim is to make the executive achieve more then before

  • a solution and result oriented process: improving the executive's methods in achieving preset goals which in the meantime improves corporate efficiency

  • creating an inspiring surrounding for the client

  • the clients activity plays the biggest role: they have to set their own goals, want the change, and find the best way

  • sustainable change: a solution that was discovered and perfected by the client

Features of coaching

  • this is a confidential process therefore both the coach and the client sign a confidentiality statement

  • the consigner can get information about the process during the so called triangular sessions

  • the process consists of 12 sessions

  • 3-6 sessions if it only tackles a certain set of topics (e.g.: decision making, communication, time management, stress management)

  • the first session is the so called “chemical tuning”, when both parties decide whether they would like to work together or not

When is it wise to look for a coach's assistance?

  • When you want a fresh pair of eyes taking a look at your situation

  • When your methods don't seem to work any more

  • When you want to change something about your behaviour or approaches

  • When you seek a path for improvement that you can take in your own paste, while tackling your individual issues with your personalized tools

  • When you want to deepen your self-knowledge and see what more you can achieve 

When to hire a coach for your employee?

  • Talent: if you want to prepare a dexter employee for a provisional executive position

  • To help a freshly promoted leader perform at his best

  • To help an executive in a new situation/new position or as the leader of a new team to adjust to change quickly and efficiently

  • In case you see signs of burn-out: to find new hope, new motivators

  • As “last resort”: when feedback from employees cannot help any more, the team leader/executive is reluctant, or stands against change

  • And in every situation when the executive/leader feels stuck, in need of a push

What other situation calls for coaching?

  • Training follow-up: to support internalization and to improve the efficiency of what they learned during the training

  • Team-coaching: the aim is to improve the cumulative potential of the team, during this process we attune and enhance the hidden talents and skills of the group, which will later allow them to achieve any goal or result they want

  • Group coaching: in this case executives who are not in any co-dependent relationship work on a set of pre-set competences; they work together on each topic with the assistance and guidance of the coaching

 If you are interested in coaching or have questions you would like to ask please do not hesitate to CONTACT US and we will soon be in touch.  

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